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Employment Opportunities at Brackenbox

Roll-Off / Semi Dump Truck Driver Application in Chicago

Please print and complete the application below and fax with the required information/documentation to this confidential fax: 708-331-4212. Please note: In order to be considered as a driver for a specific type of equipment (I.E., roll-off / semi-dump driver), you must have a minimum of 2-3 years’ experience with that type of equipment. This is an insurance requirement.

Required Documentation

You will be required to provide the following information/documentation before being considered for employment:

  • A copy of your CDL-A / CDL-B (in color)
  • A copy of your social security card (in color).
  • A copy of your current DOT medical card.
  • A copy of your Motor Vehicle Record (MVR) pulled within 30 days of your application.
  • If not a U.S. citizen, a copy of your alien card or permanent resident card.

Employment History

Keep in mind for employment history you will need to provide:

  • Name and complete address of all employers for the last 10 years, this is a DOT requirement. (Any type of employment both inside and outside the USA.)
  • Date of hire and termination (month and year).
  • Reason for resignation or termination.
  • The type of work done.
  • Name and phone number of your supervisor.

Additional Requirements

Please do not complete an application if you have had your CDL for less than two (2) years or have less than two (2) years’ experience driving commercial motor vehicles!

Applications are kept on file for approximately six (6) months and are reviewed on an as-needed basis. You may fill out a new application after six (6) months if you wish to maintain one on file for future vacancies.

Lastly, if you have the necessary qualifications and an acceptable MVR, we will contact you if we are interested in proceeding. PLEASE do not contact us.

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