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5 Reasons for Construction Recycling


March 15, 2021

There are many reasons construction companies should consider recycling as part of their overall business model. Whether you’ve thought about incorporating a recycling component in your established business model or you are a company that is just getting started, this concept is one that can be incorporated in the workflow for construction companies of all sizes. It can be done without an overwhelming amount of effort, and once established, it is easy to maintain as part of the building or demolition process.

Any type of construction project generates waste materials, much of which winds up in landfills across the nation. Historically, little attention has been paid to reusing or recycling this waste, but this has started to change. The ongoing problem of waste from building or demolition projects has been increasing for many years, but it isn’t the only reason construction businesses should think about alternatives when it comes to managing the waste they have to deal with on a job site.

If you have a construction business, you may want to incorporate recycling as a way to save money, easily manage waste, and increase positive regard for your company. It’s also a great way to be a more eco-friendly business, which today is an important marker for success. We have experience with recycling construction waste at Brackenbox, and we’d like to offer five excellent reasons you should think about getting on board with recycling if you haven’t already.

1. Reduce hauling and disposal expenses

Hauling and disposing of construction waste is an expensive proposition that takes both time and money. When you use a service that offers recycling, you can save on expenses. Hauling construction debris requires equipment and employees, so dumpster rental of any kind can make more sense when you look at the big picture financially. If you choose to recycle as well, you can save even more.

Even if you don’t utilize recycling bins for your construction project, you can take the time to research your waste hauling company to see if they have any green initiatives. It makes sense to align yourself with other businesses that are employing eco-friendly practices.

2. Improve public image

These days, people are spending their money at businesses they believe in, and construction is no different. Businesses that adopt an eco-friendly work ethic are well respected within the community and have a better public image. Committing to a recycling program can help raise your profile among potential customers, and give existing customers an additional reason to continue using your services.

More and more companies in the construction industry are beginning to consider recycling and other eco-friendly practices as a way to connect with customers and let them know they care about the environment. As time goes on, this will likely continue, so it’s a good idea to get on board now and make waste reduction a part of your philosophy.

3. Reduce landfill

Construction waste is a known issue, and much of the material ultimately winds up in a landfill. Any efforts to reduce or recycle that waste conserves valuable space by cutting down the amount of material that will be dumped into these areas. This is a desirable outcome on many levels, and it’s something that construction companies are now taking into consideration.

Both demolition and new construction projects contribute to landfill problems, but demolition generates far more waste. It’s a good idea to pay close attention to recycling possibilities on any demo projects you may have planned, as it can make a significant impact.

4. Offset environmental impact

Recycling building materials and demolition waste can be a way to help offset the environmental impact the construction trade has elsewhere on the environment. One example is material transportation. Building materials are often moved great distances so they are available for construction companies to use on projects. This causes an impact on the air quality due to vehicle emissions. Companies that recycle construction waste are helping to mitigate the impact of the building process. There are numerous other examples, but the idea is that by lowering the amount of material they put into landfills, they are helping to make the overall building process more environmentally friendly.

5. Adopt a green mindset

Many construction-related businesses commit to recycling because they are striving to have a more eco-friendly, green mindset. Overall, they are working to reduce their footprint for any building or demolition work their company does, so they take steps wherever they can to recycle and reduce waste on projects. This attitude is important, and as companies sign on to try and do the right thing, Brackenbox is here to help. If you’re in the Chicago area, contact us today for recycling information.

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