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Questions to Ask Your Contractor


March 15, 2021

When you decide to undertake a home remodeling project, your contractor is the person who will make sure everything comes together as expected. Having a good working relationship with open communication is critical to keeping your project on track and ensuring the end results meet your expectations. Asking your home remodeling contractor these questions about everything from timelines to waste management will help you avoid frustration in the future.  

How long have you been a contractor and who is on your crew? 

Being a contractor requires skill, attention to detail, and knowledge of a variety of construction issues. The contractor you hire should be experienced, even if he or she is new to owning a business. You should also know who your contractor has on his or her jobsites and if they are licensed and insured. This is important for the safety of your family, the quality of the workmanship, and to protect you from lawsuits filed by workers injured on your property.  

What do you envision the timeline being for my project? 

Home renovation projects almost always take longer than expected, but your contractor should be able to give you a realistic timeline, so you can have some idea of when the work will finish. As part of this question, you should also ask how you can expect to get progress reports from your contractor, the best way to contact him or her with questions about the project, and how he or she will notify you of any significant changes in the projected timeline.  

How will you deal with waste removal? 

Waste management is a central part of any home renovation plan, and it’s important to understand how your contractor intends to handle it. He or she should have a plan for dumpster rentals, waste removal, and recycling of construction waste.  

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