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Safe Demolition Practices

Demolition is an essential part of nearly every home renovation project, even the ones you do yourself. Before you rip out old carpet, tear up old tile, or tear down an existing wall, schedule a dumpster rental delivery in Chicago to help keep your workspace safe and clean. Speaking of safety, here are some essential demo tips and practices that can help you get to the renovation part of the project without any major hiccups or problems.

Rent a Dumpster

We said it before, but it bears repeating: make sure you rent a dumpster before you begin your demolition project. Demo jobs of all sizes create lots of waste and debris, which can quickly build up in your home after your dumpsters fill up—and they will, fast. Having a dumpster on your property allows you to get rid of construction waste so as not to make an unsafe working environment inside the home.

Turn Off the Utilities

Before you get to swinging a sledgehammer, make sure all the utilities are shut off. There’s always the possibility that you can strike electrical wire, a water pipe, or a gas line behind a wall, so you want to make sure all the utilities are shut off to prevent serious damage (and serious injury) in the event of an accident.

Take Your Time

You need to develop the mindset that the demolition is an entire project unto itself, and not merely the “prelude” to the renovation. This will hopefully make you feel more comfortable taking your time, which is important to avoid mistakes and injuries. Don’t rush through the demolition, and be sure to clean as you go to keep the work area clear. Fortunately, it won’t be hard to manage all the demolition waste now that you have a rental dumpster right outside your door.

Pile of debris