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Preparing the Site for Container Placement

Please be aware that customers shall be responsible for providing a suitable site for the equipment and shall ensure that Brackenbox is maintained full access to their equipment, at all reasonable times for the duration of the rental period. The customer also hereby acknowledges that Brackenbox is not liable for any damage to pavement, grass, sidewalks, driveways or any other surface resulting from our truck’s driving on said surface to service our container.

Care and Overloading of a Container

Due to DOT requirements, we must be adamant that customers are not to overload containers, nor use them for incineration purposes. The customer shall be fully liable for any loss, damage or vandalism to the container while within their possession – normal wear and tear exempted. In the event of an overweight fine is sustained by Brackenbox as a result of transporting a container that has been overloaded by the customer, then the cost of said overweight fine shall be PAID by the CUSTOMER.

Misrepresentation of Rental Conditions

We have done our very utmost to create as detailed a quote system as possible, in order to provide a potential customer with full details of their rental costs. Should their be any misunderstanding or misrepresentation of the distance, conditions, length of rental period, or site requirement, it is hereby acknowledge by the customer that all subsequent charges will be added to their bill and payable in full upon completion of the rental period.

Acknowledgement of Prohibited Materials

The customer hereby acknowledges that they have reviewed and agree to abide by the list of PROHIBITED MATERIALS that are listed on the materials page of this site, and that any charges assessed for inclusion and proper disposal of these materials will be born by the customer.

Subsequent Charges to a Customer’s Credit Card

The customer also acknowledges that payment for any of the above described overcharges will be covered using the same number provided online during the reservation process.