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Recycling Construction Waste

Planning a home renovation project? If so, be sure you have a recycling plan for the construction waste you’ll inevitably produce. Some dumpster rental providers in Chicago take care of the recycling for you back at the sorting facility, saving you the time and energy of sorting all the construction waste materials on your own. Here are some things to keep in mind when selecting a dumpster rental company, as well as a few tips for handling construction waste in the most responsible and eco-friendly way.

Ask About Recycling Options and Services

First, make sure the dumpster rental provider you are working with offers recycling services. Some companies may require you to rent a separate recycling bin, while others sort the recyclable materials from the non-recyclable waste at their sorting facility. You may also be charged more for recycling, so be sure to ask up front to avoid surprises and confusion later.

Reuse What You Can

As you are tearing through your home, look for opportunities to reuse any of the materials you’ve removed. You can either reuse items in the same capacity they were used for before, or get creative and repurpose old materials to serve new functions in the house. If you are going for a modern look and feel, salvaged and repurposed items will serve as great décor to the rest of your home.

Donate Items and Materials in Good Shape

If you come across any items and materials that are in good shape, get in touch with local charities that might be interested in your useable household items. Habitat for Humanity is a well-known charity that takes everything from old cabinets and sinks to mirrors, plumbing fixtures, and even insulation. This is a good way to give back to the community and do something good for the environment.

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