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A Look at the Essentials of Demolition Safety

While doing demolition, there are steps you need to take in order to keep yourself and your employees safe. From bracing structures properly to doing waste disposal according to local rules and regulations, you need to follow these steps to avoid running into any problems during a demolition project. Before you get started, you should come up with a waste management plan and obtain dumpster rentals serving Chicago. Then, you should keep these things in mind to keep the operation running smoothly.

Determine How You Are Going to Dispose Of Any Hazardous Materials

Are you going to be removing surfaces that have lead paint on them? Or do you know of any asbestos inside of the structure where you’re going to be working? These types of materials cannot be handled like other materials and need to be disposed of properly to ensure that no one comes into contact with them. Special waste disposal methods need to be used to get rid of these materials, and you should not throw them into your dumpsters for rent.

Start at the Top of the Structure During Demolition and Work Your Way Down

When doing demolition, you should always start with the higher levels of a structure and work your way down. If you fail to do this, you risk making the top of the structure unstable and having materials fall down on you and your employees while you are working. You should have employees start near the top after bracing the lower levels and demolish the upper floors before moving down below.

Use Enclosed Chutes to Get Demolished Materials to the Ground

While you should always start doing demolition from the highest point of a structure, you shouldn’t send materials crashing down to the ground as you demo them. They could easily fall on other employees and cause injuries. Instead, you should install chutes that allow you to toss demolished items directly into your dumpsters.

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