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Roll-Off Dumpster Rentals: What You Need to Know

Whether your project is small or big, having a strategy for waste disposal is an important part of the planning process. If you’re organizing a project and wonder if you should rent a dumpster in Chicago, then read on to learn a few important facts about roll-off dumpster rentals.

Roll-off dumpsters offer convenient waste removal.

Keeping your worksite clear of debris and rubble is important for worker safety, and doing so can also help you complete your project more efficiently and comfortably. By renting a roll-off dumpster, you can keep waste contained and have it hauled away at your convenience.

There are several dumpster sizes to choose from.

If you’ve never rented a roll-off dumpster before, then you’re probably unfamiliar with the various sizes that are available. At Brackenbox, we offer four sizes for you to choose from. Our 10-yard containers are 12’ x 6’8” x 3’5” (length x width x height) in size and ideal for concrete tear-outs and many masonry and brick-laying projects. The 15-yard container is 12’ x 6’5” x 5’ and can be a good option if you’re planning a bathroom remodel or need to clean out your basement. For bigger projects, such as a roof replacement or garage clean-out, our 20-yard containers, which are 13’ x 7’8” x 5’6”, can be the smart option. Finally, we offer 30-yard containers that are 18’5” x 8’4” x 6’6” and practical for demolitions, large commercial projects, and new construction.

You will need to consider the dumpster’s placement.

By now, you’ve probably decided whether renting a roll-off dumpster would benefit your upcoming project. Now, consider where on your property or worksite the dumpster will be placed. Keep in mind that these dumpsters roll off a truck and are open-top containers. Try to find a location that the delivery truck can easily access and is near the worksite.

When it comes to roll-off dumpster rental, you can depend on the experienced team at Brackenbox. To find out more, please contact the owner of Brackenbox, Jim Bracken, by calling 708-339-4100.

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