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How Do Demolition and Deconstruction Compare?

When you’re doing renovations on your home, you’ll need to break down what’s already there. Demolition and deconstruction both work towards the same kind of goal, but they’re not exactly the same thing. Either way, you will need a properly sized dumpster rental to take care of all of the debris. Read on for a comparison of demolition and deconstruction.


If you need a structure to be destroyed as soon as possible, then demolition is the way to go. Demolition takes down entire structures in a matter of seconds. Although it’s not as easy to sift through the rubble, much of the material can still be recycled. This is the optimal choice when you need to jump-start your renovation project and get rid of the structure that stands in the way. If you’re interested in demolishing a particular structure, you’ll need some heavy machinery.


Like demolition, the goal of deconstruction is to dismantle an existing structure so something else can be put in its place. Unlike demolition, deconstruction does this in a much more delicate manner. This process requires manual labor. Workers will break the structure down piece by piece, which makes it easier to separate and recycle the materials. Deconstruction also doesn’t require the use of heavy machinery. However, this process is much slower than demolition.

Cleaning Up

Regardless of whether you choose demolition or deconstruction for your project, there will be waste to get rid of. In this case, it’s helpful to have a dumpster rental. Dumpster rentals are available in multiple sizes, so you can find the right one for your project without spending too much money. A clean worksite helps prevent accidents and also preserves your curb appeal throughout the renovation process. Neighbors may get annoyed if your demolition or deconstruction project drags on and you constantly have trash all over your lawn, so work with your waste management company to find the perfect container.

Call the owner of Brackenbox, Jim Bracken, at 708-339-4100. Our company handles roll off dumpsters and plastic recycling in addition to demolition and excavation services.

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