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Developing a GREEN Business Strategy

Adopting green lifestyles is increasingly popular both at home and in the workplace. If you want to go green at your business, a recycling program is a good place to start, but there are many other strategies you can use to reduce your company’s carbon footprint and to get all of your employees on board with environmentally friendly practices. Consider these strategies to go green in the workplace.


Make Green Practices Part of Your Company’s Culture

Adopting eco-friendly practices at work will usually mean changing some of the ways that you do business. That means you are going to need buy-in from your employees. A good way to make sure your new, sustainable practices are adopted and embraced by your team is to get them involved in the planning. Seek input from employees, put different teams of workers in charge of implementing your plans, and come up with a company-wide approach you can use to measure your results. All of these things will help your employees feel more ownership of your initiatives, so they’ll adjust to them willingly and enthusiastically.

Recommit to Recycling

Recycling is an obvious starting point for adopting green practices at many companies, and in fact, many businesses already have recycling programs in place. However, many programs are outdated, and as such, they don’t go far enough. Today, it’s possible to recycle not just paper and plastic but electronics, metals, and construction waste. Review your waste management plan and find out what you could be recycling that you’re not. Then, make a plan to change your approach.

Switch Your Cleaning Products

Many common cleaning products are toxic for the environment and have a negative effect on employees’ health. Switching to eco-friendly products is better for the environment and your team. Don’t be scared away by the price tag. Most green cleaning products are concentrated, so you use less.

Brackenbox can be an important part of your plans waste management and recycling in Chicago. Talk to Jim Bracken today about how we can help your business go green by calling (708) 339-4100.

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Not Sure What Dumpster Size You Need?

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