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Common Reasons for Home Demolition

Why would anyone want to demolish a house? Sometimes, from the outside looking in, there doesn’t seem to be any reason for a home to be demolished. Still, if you see a home demolition in progress, there’s probably a very good reason. Here, we look at some of the most common reasons for home demolition.


The house has become too expensive to maintain.

Sometimes, the house has been declared unsafe, and the cost to demolish it would be less than the cost to make it livable again. Other times, the home just needs so much repair that it would be cheaper to tear it down and start over with a new home. In these cases, it makes sense to demolish the house to make way for new construction.

Sometimes, it’s a question of needing land.

When building a custom home, people often have difficulty finding suitable land for the project. When this happens, they often buy properties with houses on them and then demolish the existing structures. This is especially common for people who want to build in affluent neighborhoods that have already been developed.

Condemned houses are often sold at a deep discount.

When a home has been declared uninhabitable, it’s often condemned and seized by the government. People can then buy these properties for very little money, tear down the existing houses, and build something new.

An infestation may warrant a total tear-down.

A neglected house can become infested with vermin, including rats, termites, and bees. Sometimes, the problem can be rectified with the help of an exterminator. Other times, it’s too severe. Because an infested house can be a health hazard, it may be better to opt for home demolition instead of trying to renovate it.

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