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Construction Waste Management

In the past, construction waste took up large amounts of real estate at landfills, contributing to community waste management issues. Today, a large amount of construction waste can be recycled, either for future construction projects or for use in creating other building materials. If you are renting a roll-off dumpster for your construction project, your dumpster rental company may be able to assist you with recycling as well. If you are trying to figure out what waste from your project can be recycled, this information will help.  


Fixtures and Appliances

If your construction project involves replacing fixtures or appliances, don't just throw them away. If they are in good working order, there may be charities in your area that can take them. For example, Habitat for Humanity often takes these kinds of items to be used in their building projects. If they are not in working condition, they can often still be broken down and used for their materials.  


In some instances, bricks and other masonry items can sometimes be salvaged as is and used in other construction projects. In fact, you may be able to incorporate some of it back into the project you are doing. In other cases, these materials are recycled and used for making road bases, so recycling them can be very helpful to your community.  


Lumber can be used for a number of different purposes. Some recycled lumber can be used for additional building projects. In other cases, lumber is used to create mulch and even biomass fuel. A large amount of lumber needlessly goes to landfills, so ensure that yours gets recycled.  

Jim Bracken and Brackenbox are committed to making recycling easier for construction projects of all sizes. Contact our team today to learn how we can help with recycling and waste management in Chicago. Dial (708) 339-4100 for more information.  

Not Sure What Dumpster Size
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Not Sure What Dumpster Size You Need?

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